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About Us

The Team
Our team combines world-class professionals from industrial, research, consulting, design and operations backgrounds to effectively and efficiently meet your needs for water and waste management.

We apply expertise to integrate world class technologies that give you environment friendly ‘TOTAL SOLUTIONS’.

Jaldhara - Greywater is client focused and delivers solutions that meet requirements, are robust and reliable, operable, and represent true cost effectiveness.

Our operational and regulatory expertise makes us ideal partners for institutions seeking provenwaterand wastewatermanagementskills to meet their needs.

Our team takes great pride in assessing your needs and provide solutions that make practical, operational and economic sense.

Sustainable Development - Environment Responsibility
At Jaldhara, we are aware of our responsibility towards sustainable development and work tirelessly to make both our products and processes environment friendly, for a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

We ensure that our products are built to save energy and minimize pollution at a cost that is attractive. Our strict adherence to environment friendliness can be benchmarked with any international standard

Quality Guarantee
We believe in stringent quality control measures. Our quality guarantee is the hallmark of all projects and products; from raw material sourcing to fabrication, assembly, and commissioning of the final product.


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