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Technology that will change the way the world treats Sewage and Wastewater


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Fully automatic, plug-n-play
way to make Wastewater recycle-ready
Advanced technology for
non-steady state conditions
High quality treated Water for
circulation in closed systems
Compact, fully automatic range of Add-On Modules


Smarter Products for Sewage, Wastewater, Effluent and Water Treatment

Greywater offers reliable, cost-effective and intelligent products under its Grewa range. These products have been designed to clean, treat and recycle Sewage and Wastewater to such a high quality that it can be re-circulated in closed systems, used in gardening, horticulture, flushing, cleaning, HAVC, Cooling Towers and many other applications.

All Grewa products are completely plug-n-play and fully automatic, requiring minimal operator intervention. They are scalable, flexible, cater to variable STP loads and are optimum for non-steady state conditions.

Key Features

Highly compact
20-50% smaller than conventional treatment plants
  No mess
Automatic collection of sludge in bio-degradable bags
Completely plug-n-play
Quick installation, no on-site fabrication
  Environment friendly
No hazardous or toxic chemicals
Low operating costs
Reduced electricity bills, no dedicated operator required and remote monitoring option
  Flexible and scalable
Can easily be made to meet future growth requirements
No Waste
Reuse treated water for Cleaning, Flushing, HVAC, Cooling Towers
  Low noise levels
Comfort and privacy assured
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