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April 2011
Greywater to expand its presence in India
Greywater, specializing in Water and Wastewater Treatment is looking to expand it's business through real estate, IT parks, commercial complexes and the hospitality industry in Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities.
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In the News
Greywater breaking new grounds in water conservation
In an interview with Bizxchange, Harshad Bastikar, the founder and CEO of Greywater, shares the story of the company's innovative, unique and groundbreaking journey.
Social & Green Entrepreneurs, Startups: September 19, 2011
"With Greywater, we have reduced the footprint of the water management system to the size of a parking slot."
Innovation is simply the way I look at various perspectives of doing things in a new way, may be for the better or maybe just for a change.
Plug'n Play for Water Treatment
While Water and Wastewater Treatment are getting enough attention at the town and city level, it is a neglected area at the source level. Greywater fills this gap through its ready-to-implement treatment products.



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