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Greywater's Internship program

Program Introduction
If you are a college student and you have the summer off or have to go through an in-semester internship, this could be your chance to get some work experience. The internship program at our Mumbai HO offers a look inside the innermost workings of our technology-based organization. Every day, our rapid expansion demands constant contact, support and outreach on the ground in different geographies across India and the world.

As part of the managing team, interns are expected to:
  • Take initiative with aspects of understanding the market and its requirements
  • Contact with decision makers
  • Writing and making impactful presentations
  • Events and campaign strategizing
  • Work with a vertical to grow Greywater’s presence
  • Develop and implement new ideas for business
  • Attending in-house knowledge sharing discussions
  • Join us at local events where we present Greywater’s exciting technology offerings

As we are a technology-based and market-driven organization, your ideas, unique experiences and suggestive skills will be looked at and assessed by our Senior Engineers.

All our internship programs are either in-semester or in-summer and are divided into the three areas. Each student may select a program depending on area of interest. If all this and more that awaits you sounds interesting, we welcome you to the Internship Program at Greywater.

Note: Normally, all student internships are unpaid but if you are extraordinary, you could not only earn some money but also earn yourself a job. While the program is meant for academic enrichment and enabling a sense of 'touch-and-feel' with market realities, the program is on a voluntary basis and opted for, by the students.

Business Development
& Growth Program

Outreach Initiatives
Management Student
Program Information Program Information Program Information

How to apply
If interested, applicants should submit a brief profile about themselves by way of a formal resume and a covering letter to careers@greywatertech.com.

All submissions must carry the following in subject line:
- Customer experience of Greywater's treatment products business (or)
- Study of market characteristics in mid-sized organizations (or)
- Process documentation and analysis of Standard Operating Procedures (or)
- Defining and developing a Project Execution Field Policy Manual

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