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Water Treatment Plant - Grewa - U
Ultrafiltration system for Tertiary Treatment
Grewa-U Ultrafiltration system provides complete Point of Entry (PoE) and Point of Discharge (PoD) filtration to remove impurities < 0.5 microns. The Ultrafiltration membrane effectively reduces turbidity, particulates, cysts and certain microbiological contaminants for safer, cleaner water.

Longer Membrane Life: The electronically controlled flushing system is designed to initiate self-cleaning back-flush cycles when the membrane reaches the programmed capacity. This maximizes the membrane capacity and service life. CEB (Chemically Enhanced Backwash) can also be done to improve longevity of the membrane.

Power-saving system: This system optimizes flushing cycles and consumes power only for flushing, thus reducing energy consumption to a great extent. It also provides real-time performance monitoring.

In-built critical diagnostics: The critical system diagnostics feature ensures continuous operation in case of power outages or intermittent power. This prevents jeopardising the integrity of the membranes and improves their ability to provide safer, cleaner water.

Ideal Applications

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Key Features
Key Benefits
Reduces Turbidity, Cysts and other particles to < 0.5 micron size  Improved water quality
Built-in protection during power outages or intermittent power Continuity in Operation cycle
Modular, Flexible and Scalable Easily incorporate Future Requirements
Minimum installation work at site Ready-to-use

Remote monitoring and Operation


Saves time and effort 
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