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Tube Settler - Grewa - T
Tube Settlers
This Tube Settler (TS) uses proven technologies to produce clear, safe drinking water from low quality sources. It is capable of purifying the most difficult types of raw water and is suitable for surface waters with high and variable contaminant loadings. Grewa-T specializes in treating cold water with high levels of turbidity, iron and manganese.

Ideal Applications
Food processing
Municipal Sewage treatment

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Key Features
Key Benefits
Capacities to 700 gpm (3,800 m3/d) per module Excellent water quality
2.5 log, multi-barrier protection against Giardia and Cryptosporidium < 0.1 NTU TSS
< 20 ppm
Pre-assembled and pre-tested packaged plant Saves space (50% over in-situ construction)
Only water, waste and electrical connections needed prior to start up Quick installation and commissioning
Automatic controls and monitoring systems customized to meet local needs Easy to operate and no dedicated manpower required
Inlet flow set at constant rate for simple operation Filter rate modulated to match inlet flow
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