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Water Softener - Grewa - S
Grewa-S is an automatically operated ion exchange water softening unit.

The softener comprises Steel / FRP pressure vessels containing a bed of cation exchange resin, a regenerating system and control valves. A strongly acidic cation exchange resin in sodium form is used to exchange sodium ions for the hardness?forming calcium and magnesium ions to produce soft water.

At the end of each service cycle, the ion exchange resin is regenerated with sodium chloride solution, after which the unit is ready for the next service cycle.

It is recommended to use a carbon filtration system in conjunction with a softener.

Ideal Applications
Residential Buildings and Complexes
Textile processing.
Beverage production.
Cooling water make-up.
Hospitals, hotels, laundries & air-conditioning plants.
Boiler feed

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Key Features
Key Benefits
Removes excess dissolved calcium and magnesium. Improved water quality
Self regenerating softeners Saves time and labour, ensures softening is done in a batch mode
Completely Plug-n-Play Quick installation and commissioning
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