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Sewage Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Plant - Grewa-R
Single tank, SBR based, Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Product
Next generation, Packaged and Fully automatic STP available at the price of conventional technology

Revolutionary Grewa-R-S is the next step in evolution of our next generation Grewa-R range of products. Developed on the philosophy of providing best in class, packaged, fully automatic and single tank SBR technology, GREWA-R-S is equipped with unique features such as capability to handle variable loads (10% to 110% of design capacity), lowest footprint, low operating and maintenance cost (up to 50% lower than conventional technology) and fully automated and robust operations.

Through our intensive R&D efforts we are now able to provide Grewa-R-S, the next generation technology at the same price as the conventional technologies.

Grewa-R-S provides a one point, packaged solution for all wastewater and sewage treatment needs. The only STP product in India to offer complete remote monitoring and control, Grewa-R-S ensures consistent recycle-reuse ready output water quality at the lowest treatment cost per m3 with respect to conventional technologies in market.

Ideal Applications

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Key Features
Key Benefits
Small footprint (almost 20-50% less as compared to conventional plants) Quickly Commissioned
Ready-to-use, plug-n-play Saves space, fits into basements
Minimum Power requirement Quickly commissioned.
Lowest noise levels Saves on project cost
Lowest life cycle costs No Nuisance
Modular, Flexible, Scalable Lower utility bills (1.1-1.4 kwh/m3)
No chlorine dosing, no hazardous chemicals Silent Operation, no nuisance
Fully automatic, no dedicated operator required Quick recovery on ROI
Delivers Lowest levels of TSS, BOD & COD Can easily meet growth requirements
Remote monitoring (optional) Environment-friendly
No odour or emissions
Saves time, effort, energy and costs
  Better quality treated Wastewater
  Better control
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