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Water Treatment Plant - Grewa-O
Compact, Programmable Reverse Osmosis Module
Grewa-O is an innovative, technologically advanced RO module that governs the point of use / reuse of water. It is compact, programmable and removes dissolved and suspended solids, chemicals, pesticides and microbial impurities.

Grewa-O is ideal for residential & commercial complexes and industrial water & Wastewater Treatment. The treated water can be used for industrial processes or applications and domestic use.

Ideal Applications

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Key Features
Key Benefits
Ready-to-use, Plug-and-Play Quickly Commissioned
Modular and compact Saves space, fits into basements
Programmable central control panel with logic controlled auto flushing Improved treated water quality
Optimized set points for Permeate Flow Saves time, energy and effort
High / Low pressure shutdown with auto restart Easy to operate
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