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Sewage Treatment Wastewater Treatment - Grewa-M
3rd Generation Membrane Bio-Reactor based Sewage / Wastewater Treatment product
Grewa-M is a fully automatic and self-contained packaged treatment system designed to meet Wastewater Treatment challenges faced globally today.

It is a 3rd generation Membrane Bio-Reaction that combines two proven technologies
- Biological: Enhanced biological treatment incorporating BNR
- Physical: Immersed membrane filtration system

Its footprint is significantly smaller than conventional aeration basins. The high biomass concentration enables the use of a smaller aeration tank and efficient membrane filtration eliminates the need for clarifier space.

This world-class Wastewater Treatment product requires minimal operator intervention and reduced cleaning chemicals, making it an environment-friendly choice for all projects and applications

Ideal Applications

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Key Features
Key Benefits
Fully automatic Ensures optimal operation
No dedicated operator required Saves Labour
Small Footprint (almost 20-50% lower than conventional plants) Saves space, also fits in basements
Ready-to-use, Plug-n-Play Quickly Commissioned
Modular, Flexible & Scalable Can be made to meet future growth requirements Environment-friendly
Nutrient (Nitrogen and Phosphorus) removal Environment-friendly
Delivers Lowest levels of TSS, BOD & COD Better quality of treated water
Eliminates need for chlorination/UV for tertiary treatment Extended sludge age reduces potential for odour
Remote monitoring and Operation possible Saves time and effort
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