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Helping the Residential Colony save up to 30,000 ltrs of fresh water everyday.
The Company
Our Client, a premium developer, is a well known real estate developers who specialize in large townships (more than 1000 units per location) on the outskirts of Mumbai. Their projects are typically low cost housing projects which provide all the facilities of high-end residential complexes.

The Challenges
Their project faced a typical challenge that many Indian real estate developers face today. While the project was entirely dependent on ground water, the environment department imposed stringent regulations on the water load demand, supply fulfilments and discharge.

Though recycling sewage and Wastewater was a mandate, the developers were also concerned about the long-term operating costs of the STP.

The Solution
After a detailed discussion on the technical, design and operational parameters, a Grewa-R Model A1050B SBR based STP was installed as the primary treatment of the sewage and Wastewater. This was to be coupled with Add-On Modules Grewa-F (MGF-Multi Grain Filter) & Grewa-C ( ACF- Activated Carbon Filter) to enable tertiary treatment for recycling the treated sewage and Wastewater for non-potable applications like toilet flushing, gardening, construction and filling of water ponds

The Result
The installed Grewa range not only treats the entire sewage and Wastewater generated everyday but also meets and exceeds the quality requirements of the treated water. The water quality at the outlet of the tertiary conforms to a BOD level of less than or equal to 4ppm & a COD level of below 10ppm. It is clear, without sediments and has no odour. The treated water is reused in toilet flushing, gardening and for construction purposes. The entire treatment scheme operates in a fully automatic mode thus resulting in substantial saving in O&M cost.
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