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Not just recycling Wastewater...
Helping conserve India's only home for Lions
The Company
Our client is a part of the USD 1.5 Billion group with interests in Automobiles, Real Estate and other various Industrial Segments. They are a Chain of Luxury Resorts spread all over India. They own and operate 28 Luxury Resorts with another 8 Resorts in various stages of planning and construction.

The Challenges
This resort is set in one of the most amazing locations in India. But the very location posed multiple concerns for India's holiday expert.

It is a Government designated and protected 'Wildlife Reserve'. This forest is home to the largest Lion population of India, but has very less fresh ground water supply. Constructing pipelines through the forest would not only involve extensive permission issues, but also result in destruction of the flora and fauna. Effluent discharge from the jungle resort would result in environmental degradation and pollute the ground water resources.

They faced the additional challenge of fluctuating occupancy rates between 25% up to 100% which necessitated a treatment plant which could handle varying loads, be compact, not require any site fabrication or construction, use no chemicals, operate as silently as possible, be operated and maintained remotely yet, ensure full recycle capabilities.

The Solution
Greywater conducted extensive research on all factors likely to affect the installation, treatment philosophy and monitoring mechanisms. Post the research, Grewa-R Model 1050 B was suggested for primary treatment of the Wastewater and effluent. It was coupled with Add-On Modules Grewa-F (MGF-Multi Grade Filter) & Grewa-C (ACF-Activated Carbon Filter) to enable tertiary treatment for recycling the Treated Wastewater and effluent for non-potable use or applications.

The Result
Greywater's solution not only protected the forest's reserves but also helped the resort save up to 30,000 litres of fresh water everyday. 65-70% of the resort's Wastewater is being recycled and reused in flushing, gardening and horticulture making it a perfect example of how a choice of efficient Wastewater Treatment solution can help save the environment cost, time and efforts.
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