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Greywater's Internship program

Business Development & Growth Program
Interns will work directly with our Sales & Marketing Team Leaders who would appoint mentors and guides for a group. As a first step, each guide would impart preliminary education and knowledge on all the technology offerings of Greywater. As a next step, actual market dynamics and trend awareness would be explained to each intern. This process would involve accompanying field engineers and managers on customer sites and meetings. All interns will work with a broad range of customer profiles viz; opinion leaders, technical influencers, policy makers, commercial buyers and general users.

Basic pre-requisite
Candidate must be an undergraduate or graduate student or should have graduated from college not more than twelve calendar months before the beginning of the internship. All interns will be expected to work between 25-30 hours per working-week, i.e. between Monday and Friday. Internships will be open and offered during summer and / or within the semester, subject to written approval and confirmation from the Institute, College or University, as may be applicable to each student. All interns will receive academic assessment reports and standard Internship completion certificates.

Required Skills
  • Working knowledge of MS Office products
  • Internet navigation and research
  • Ability to organize administrative projects
  • Clear and effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines and maintain a flexible schedule
  • Strong diplomatic skills in dealing with people from a variety of backgrounds
  • Awareness of and sensitivity to a variety of cultural perspectives
  • Awareness of prominent global issues (especially concerning the environment

Each intern will be responsible for one or more of these tasks:
  • High volume prospecting for quality leads
  • Work closely with both the sales team and execution in support of partners
  • Build and manage meaningful relationships with clients.

Desirable Qualifications
  • Strong interest in a sales domain role or some previous sales experience
  • Ability and desire to work in a fast-paced challenging environment
  • Someone who can look at a market with 1,000 potential clients and know they can close each and every one in record time
  • Solid technical aptitude, with the ability to learn quickly and adapt
  • Must possess winning attitude, extraordinary enthusiasm, adaptable, persistent, detail oriented

How to apply
If interested, applicants should submit a brief profile about themselves by way of a formal resume and a covering letter to careers@greywatertech.com.

All submissions must carry the following in subject line:
- Customer experience of Greywater's treatment products business (or)
- Study of market characteristics in mid-sized organizations (or)
- Process documentation and analysis of Standard Operating Procedures (or)
- Defining and developing a Project Execution Field Policy Manual

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