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Tourism is one of the leading growth sectors of the global economy, bringing in billions of dollars annually in developing countries and transporting millions of people internationally. However, the tourism industry's growth through the years has created an increasing amount of stress on the environment.

Today, ecotourism is growing rapidly. For hotels, Wastewater Treatment and Water management are the two most important operational criteria. This translates to controlling discharge into the environment while creating a world-class eco-friendly facility. By doing this, hotels aim at lowering their operational and running costs.

Greywater provides Water / Wastewater and Sewage treatment facilities for
- Hotels
- Resorts
- Food Courts
- Clubs
- Serviced apartments

See why smart hotels choose Grewa


Smallest Footprint
Minimum installation work
Minimum power requirement
Lowest noise levels
No Chlorine
Fully Automatic
No Waste

No mess

Remote monitoring
Ability to handle varying loads (during peak and non-peak seasons)
Can fit in the hotel's basement or terrace
Quickly commissioned
Gets up and running within no time
Lower utility bills
Ensures comfort and privacy of residents
The most environment-friendly solution
No dedicated operator required
Reuse treated water for gardening and horticulture
Automatic collection of sludge in bio-degradable bags
Can meet future growth requirements
Saves on manpower and plant operation

  Wastewater Treatment for Hotels
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