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India's booming commercial sector gives a clear view into the youth-driven market that has increased many folds in the past decade. From almost no malls existing in the country over a decade ago, India is expected to have nearly 350 malls and 120 million square feet of total mall space by 2011. Along with this, the success of the software industry has spiked a rise in the development of several acres of IT parks across the country.

All commercial facilities that use large amounts of process water also produce polluted discharge which can have high environmental impact if not treated effectively. Stringent environmental norms for commercial facilities mandate an environment-friendly approach to Sewage and Wastewater Treatment and recycle for reuse.

This translates to the requirement of quick, efficient and cost-effective solutions for the tonnes of Wastewater generated everyday in this sector.

Greywater provides Water / Wastewater and Sewage treatment facilities for
- Shopping malls
- IT Parks
- Commercial complexes
- Restaurants and Food courts
- SEZs
- Hospitals

See why smart commercial complexes choose Grewa

Smallest Footprint
Minimum installation work
Minimum power requirement
Lowest noise levels
No Chlorine
Fully Automatic
No mess

Flexible and scalable
Remote monitoring
Fits in basement or terrace
Quickly commissioned
Gets up and running within no time
Lower utility bills
Ensures comfort and privacy
Environment-friendly solution
No dedicated operator required
Reuse for gardening and horticulture
Automatic collection of sludge in bio-degradable bags
Meets future growth requirements
Saves on manpower and plant operation

  Wastewater Treatment for Commercial Complexes
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