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Real estate is proclaimed to be one of the most promising sectors today. Projects in this sector require end-to-end Water and Wastewater Treatment that come with hassle-free set-up and management. These solution should be flexible to fit specific needs, scalable to fit future requirements and cost-effective.

Communities are increasingly demanding eco-friendly lifestyles. As the news about water scarcity is fast becoming a reality, citizens are themselves driving the demand for greener projects that allow water conservation along with recycling and energy savings.

Greywater is one of the few companies that not only stays on top of evolving requirements for the real estate sector but has also developed products that are flexible, scalable, cost-effective and work with minimal manual intervention.

Greywater provides Water and Wastewater Treatment products for
- Residential Buildings
- Residential Townships
- Residential Complexes

See why smart builders choose Grewa

Smallest Footprint
Minimum installation work
Minimum power requirement
Lowest noise levels
No Chlorine
Fully Automatic
No mess

Flexible and scalable
Remote monitoring
Fits in basement or terrace
Quickly commissioned
Gets up and running within no time
Lower utility bills
Ensures comfort and privacy
Environment-friendly solution
No dedicated operator required
Reuse for gardening and horticulture
Automatic collection of sludge in bio-degradable bags
Meets future growth requirements
Saves on manpower and plant operation

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Greywater helped reduce their dependancy
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